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Stranger Links

Hey hey everybody, it’s your friendly neighborhood synthwave producer here…and I’m feeling pretty amped about the brand new Yarred website you’re now beholding. It’s really the first proper site I’ve ever had, which is actually quite odd as my “day job” just so happens to be web designer. But you know what they say about the shoemaker’s children and the lack of appropriate footwear…

At any rate, now that this battle station is fully operational, I will be able to post new content on a regular basis! Speaking of which, I have a fresh synthwave single that’s about to drop…and that’s just the first track of a larger EP that’s scheduled for release in the fall. Oh yeah! But in the meantime, if you aren’t already familiar with Redwood Coast, definitely go check that out. It’s a fusion of synthwave and chillout and I think it’s pretty fine. Hope you do too!

/// July 11, 2017 ///