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The Best of Tangerine Dream

A blog series with a new post every day to round out 2022!

/// Comet’s Figure Head & Outland :: 11.2.2022 ///

Cold, dark, powerful synth soundscapes to underscore NASA’s mission to Mars—one that ultimately failed, but the music remains.

/// Stratosfear :: 10.28.2022 ///

One of the grooviest ”hits” of the early Virgin Years, with epic cover art to match.

/// Tangent & Horizon :: 10.25.2022 ///

Wherein we hear the breathtaking fruits of the West Berlin-based band’s impactful live performance behind the Iron Curtain in Warsaw, Poland.

/// Shape My Sin :: 10.23.2022 ///

A rare privilege in TD fandom: listening to a (great!) song.

/// Marakesh & The Midnight Trail :: 10.22.2022 ///

What’s old is new again. Welcome to 80s nostalgia and the rise of synthwave.

/// Ricochet, Part 2 :: 10.20.2022 ///

A shining example of mellotron-infused, Baroque-inspired Berlin School jams.

/// Towards the Evening Star :: 10.19.2022 ///

The son of Froese has come into his own, and his compositional powers now appear effortless.

/// Genesis of Precious Thoughts :: 10.18.2022 ///

A bittersweet glimpse of what could have been.

/// Tangram (Set 1) :: 10.17.2022 ///

A classic electronic rock romp which is among the best pieces of synthesizer-driven popular music ever written.